Zenwalk 4.2 -- There isn't anything mini about this distro anymore
There are so many distros today, one really has a hard time determining which they should try and which should they just kind of ignore. I guess for me, that is when I fell in love with Distrowatch and its tracker of the most popular distros. Of course, over the past year, the top has been dominated by the big four; Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora and Mandriva. These can be equally compared to the rest of the top ten, which many are just spin offs of the top 4, with MEPIS (Ubuntu), PCLinuxOS (Mandriva), and Debian (Ubuntu's base) being the main players along with Slackware, one of the first distros and still one of the most popular. Gentoo and newcomer spinoff Sabayon along with Damn Small Linux, one of the cult favorites finishing up the list. This is basically the foundation of most other packages and from that we start getting to packages which really try to improve one aspect or another of these models of success within Linux. So just outside of the top ten and a perennial favorite in the Linux Community is Zenwalk, which is no newcomer to the list, but one that is slowly catching other distros. Formally known as Minislack, from its foundation of Slackware, it sits currently about 11th for the past 30 days. If you ever really want to learn about the Distrowatch HPD matrix, Zenwalk leader Jean-Philippe Guillemin has a great article on there website here which is a must read for anyone who wants to truly understand the data which so many take for granted. Recently the Zenwalk community release version 4.2, which isn't much different from previous releases, but the first for me to try here at KnoLinux to review. Why have I stayed away? No real reason in particular, but ...
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Elive rl2 -- Call it what you want Elive makes Enlightenment work
There is always something interesting afloat in my email box. My last review was my first second round review of a distro, with the latest coming out of Dreamlinux. While I was working on that one, I had been working with my new laptop to get another second timer Elive to work, which came out on Christmas day. Elive, the distro named as the fastest climber on distrowatch for 2006, was one of my favorite suprises and one where I truly ended up leaving a distro on my laptop until it died later in the year. What sets Elive apart, well to quote their website;"Elive is not made for newbies. Elive is not made for experienced people. Elive is not made for enterprises or personal use... Elive is art, Elive is simply for the people who appreciate it and want it. Feel free to try Elive, because only you decide what you want on this world!"So being called art could be good or bad, depending on your personal tastes. For me, it goes beyond the look and into the function. Like Vector, another smaller distro with a similar following, Elive is also one of the slickest and fastest distros out there today. With Elive 0.6, or rl2 as it is called on their website, this has only improved. Now, one of my test laptops had some networking issues, but another had absolutely no issue with anything, with wireless and video being flawless on install. This alone sets Elive apart from the crowd, and then when you add the look and feel being so unique, well, just keep reading and let the screen shots speak for themselves. Let's head back to Belgium and see what is new, shall we? Details: Website http://www.elivecd.org/Download HereKernel - ...
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Dreamlinux Multimedia Edition 2.2 -- Things just keep getting better in Brazil
The other day while on vacation I happened to cross the path of one of my favorite distros out there, just to see where things stood on their RC builds, and low and behold they had finalized their product and now they have officially released Dreamlinux Multimedia Edition 2.2 available for download. As excited as I was, I was curious as to why this hadn't been on Distrowatch, but honestly oversights from this small distro like communicating to Ladislav about the latest offering wouldn't suprise me. The beauty of Dream lies in its overall look and feel. It is as close to OS X as one can get without buying the Apple Hardware and just simply works on almost all levels. The definition of Multimedia is kept, in that everything still works out of the box. I see many people stating that Linux Mint is one of the only to include these types of packages, but Dream was there first in my opinion and the layout is so much easier to the newbie that any Gnome desktop can ever offer. Sure, you could always put Xfce onto Mint, but it doesn't look that great (I had to try it of course). So what is new in 2.2 over the older Works edition? Most people look at XFce as the desktop truly intended to get the Apple users excited about Linux. It also tries to minimize memory and free up resources, as you can read on the website from its creator Oliver Fourdan. As a desktop in its own native form, it is nice, but not really too sexy. I mean, the mouse is cool, but little furry creatures are becoming all too common in Linux.Then I found a small review on a new package ...
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Kororaa helps people "make the move"!
Hi everyone, remember Kororaa Linux, one of the first linux distro's to make it easy to get XGL running (even on a live cd)? The big chief behind this project has a new website running to convince windows and other os users to make the move to Linux. ...
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MyahOS 2.3 -- Don't let the cute clouds fool you
Not too long ago, I got a posting on knolinux asking me to take a look at a distro called Myah, that typically is pretty close to the bottom of the top 100. It currently sits around 76, but Saturn was pretty persistant in his emails that I would like what I see. Well, the first couple of go's at it, didn't go so well. It seems that when I was trying to install Myah, I was trying to install when my old laptop was on the last legs of life and the hard drive was about done. So I put it on the shelf and waited for my new hardware to arrive. What Saturn, aka Doug Johnson, told me in an email was that "We used to be 90% slackware based from the packaging, but now we are going to be independent, making our own packages and everything." On their website, Myah, aka Jeremiah Cheatham, and Saturn also mention that "Myah OS is a performance destkop operating system. We have taken the powerful linux kernel. With the rich full featured KDE desktop. And 3D video acceleration and multimedia support. So you can have a powerful simple to use home operating system." They also mentioned in an email to me that their goals for the next version, 2.4 include that... "we are even working on a DVD issue with all the 3D Games you could possibly ask for in Linux. Now when I mean games...I am talking stuff like Quake...Enemy Territory..Return to Castle Wolfenstein (if we got the ok to do so from the company), Doom games - Including Doom3 (if that is ok'd as well). And much much more. We have heard the quesions of our users as to what they ...
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Sabayon Linux Interview
Hello everyone, this is my first post for Knolinux. I have recently interviewed Cvill 64 from Sabayon Linux. I posted the article before but it didn't reach a broad public. I think it's a shame to let it go to waste so if you haven't read it you can get a second chance here
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Vector Linux 5.8 RC3 - Slackware that works and grows on you
Well, our first review back from near death of this little project is one that started long ago and seemed to never want to be concluded. It all started as I looked at my Linux Timline tree and noticed of all the branches of Linux, I had never reviewed anything by Slackware. It really wasn't a purposeful decision to skip what some regard as the one true Unix of Linux, but rather not wanting the pain, angst and trouble of getting Slackware on my fragile system. So a Canadian friend of mine told me of a project up north (not too far north from Seattle where I live) called Vector. I started tracking the project back and noticed they had many of the attributes of Linux I like; XFce, Full working media, Claims of Fast performance and slimmed down instead of bloated packages. So, I started off with RC1, then RC2 and finally now worked with RC3. The press that Robert Lange and company put on their website is hardly only press. This little distro flies, works as one would ever need any OS to work, and even though the installation routine is a bit archaic and a bit tough to follow, it is easier than Slackware and a lot more up to date than what Patrick produces. So those people who love to hate Slackware, get your mouse and keyboard ready because with Vector, the choice is simple; if you want a fast OS that is stable, secure and plain works, there will be little to complain about from this great little package from up north.
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How Blogging Yourself Into Debt teaches a website to host a proper product...
Well, my last blog entry was about how I blogged myself into debt by actually having too many people read my blog. Imagine that, too many people doing what you want them to do. I still think there is a problem on the server that I was operating on, due to the fact that with only one blog posting I was still using nearly 1 GB an hour of traffic. For the non-technical that is about the same that a decent DSL line will allow in an hour. So anyway, the bandwidth continued to grow and my bill was looking more and more every single hour, with nothing published, so I contrinued to call godaddy.com to express my worries. Well, it seems the communication had already moved up the food chain so that when I was on for the second time on the 17th of Nov, another person picked up declaring he was from the Office of The President. What that meant, I didn't really know, but it was sounding a bit more promising that someone from legal or security might sound. He stated that I was one of the first people to use this product from godaddy and one of the most popular in way of traffic and visitors. They wanted to work with me to figure out what was happening and to see if they could provide me enough bandwidth to keep my site operational without these monster bills. They also stated they were going to credit back the bill for the bandwidth up to that point. They agreed that it would be not a viable product if there was a bandwidth limit for blogs, when I could get a free site (and have at blogger.com called knolinuxguy.blogger.com) and not worry about this. I am still a bit ...
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How to blog yourself into debt
Well, this story is about the downside of blogging. Most articles you read are on how to create a website, drive traffic, blog for free, blah, blah, and of course blah...So I had already purchased a website for my wireless consulting company a few years back at godaddy.com called knowireless. Catchy name huh? My wife came up with that one. So when I started to blog about wireless on blogger.com, I decided to look into using my knowireless.com account and created a new one for linux I called knolinux.com. The idea was to review various distributions and help new users on which one would be best for them by showing them the installation process with graphical screen shots (which was my undoing) and hope that a couple of people would come over to Linux and enjoy it as much as I do. But I digress.So for about three months I created a total of 16 posts with pretty cool pictures. I published these via distrowatch.com, a website that really shows all the decent linux distros and helps people keep track on the ever growing process of the Linux/Open Source movement.Well, in only two months I had over 70,000 people review my articles and over 90 feedbacks on the blog. In the little survey, 95% had positive things to say about the work I was doing. I even made a few bucks via google adsense along the way.Well, as things were ramping up even more in my opinion (I was looking to branch into writing about Linux on Apple PPC machines) I got an email from godaddy stating I had a bill for a bit over $312 because of the bandwidth of over 45000 MB. As I ...
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gNewSense Version 1.0 - Absolutely Free Linux Advocating Freedom
A recent annoucement on Distrowatch.com for a new distro called gNewSense perked my attention. It seems that the Free Software Foundation, the group headed by Richard M Stallman, otherwise known as RMS, sponsored this project and basically was conceived "due to Frustrated by many Linux distributions which include (or make it easy to include) non-free software in their products, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has decided to enter the Linux distribution market by sponsoring a new project called gNewSense. Based on Ubuntu Linux, the distribution, created by two Irish free software advocates Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley, released its first stable version last week. The gNewSense mailing list immediately witnessed a rapid surge in traffic, indicating that the interest in the project is reasonably high, even at this early stage. Most of the discussion is currently revolving around possible improvements to the project's infrastructure and advocacy. If you strongly believe in the four software freedoms as advocated by the FSF, then gNewSense looks like a perfect distribution to use and an exciting project to join" quoting from DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 176, 6 November 2006 As clearly stated on Stallman's Free Software Foundation web site: Free software is a matter of liberty not price. You should think of "free" as in "free speech". The Four Software Freedoms mentioned are as follows: Freedom Zero - the freedom to run the program for any purpose, any way you like. Freedom One - the freedom to help yourself by changing the program to suit your needs. Freedom Two - the freedom to help your ...
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Is Novell's action the doom of Linux?
The recent news of Novell and Microsoft teaming up is creating a wave of hatred and angst in the Linux community. In a world that is fragile as taking on one of the largest monopolies in the world, this is the last thing Linux needed, but a step that was done for one simple reason: profits. Some have mentioned that this announcement was likely due to the recent Oracle release of their own version of Red Hat, but one this complex would have been in the works for years and therefore would only be a coincidence at most, maybe accelerated but not reponding to. While I am not for any company such as Novell branching into a losing situation, such as their agreement, I am not about to condemn them like others have. I have seen many blog postings, replies and articles calling for the death of Novell and anyone associated with them. Sure there are those who will stick to the product, like Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols says he will do in his posting here but these are few and far between. The basis for this agreement is simple. Microsoft needs to look like they are not trying to kill Linux, while they are still trying to kill Linux. Novell on the other hand needs to make money and be profitable for their shareholders, while protecting their customers from possible litigation. Sure, this is basically admitting to the world that there are pieces of Linux that could potentially be violating some MS patents or IP, but realistically they are. How could you be writing to NTFS systems, running Samba, playing windows media, or run programs via Wine and not stumble on something. So in the end, with Novell's action, the world will at least be dealing with an issue that ...
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Taking the Linux Plunge – Commercial versus Community; which path is right for you and your hardware
When Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 98 and Millennium Edition on June 30th, there was a lot of talk of these users migrating over to Linux Desktops. According to OneStat.com, this is approximately 4% of the total PCs in the world. With Linux clocking in at only 0.4%, this means for every ten PCs, only one has Linux installed compared to these two Microsoft OS’s that are no longer supported. Take into account Windows XP and 2000, out of one hundred PCs, ninety-three will be on Microsoft Supported OS’s, four will have Microsoft Non-Supported OS’s, two running Apple OS X and only one possibly on Linux. That leaves a lot of room for market share penetration that someone really could, and probably should for these users’ sake, take advantage of.
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Linux For Everyone
While people want to test out and find the best linux, one of the hardest parts is to understand where they need to start. That is one of the main goals here at KnoLinux, to pull in as much information and help people new to Linux decide which one would be right for them. We have put together a little chart to help you see where a package sits and how it compares on basic issues of Complexity and Functionality compared to whether it is a community package (Free as in Beer), Commercial Office (work centric), Commercial Home (media, internet, games), and micro (older machines). I will continue to update this with the icons of distro reviewed so far on KnoLinux.com, but this really is intended to show people where products sit compared to others.
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Mandriva 2007 - Finally Functional & Free Linux From France
...quite honestly if this would have come out next month, I wouldn't have ever even tried it. But just like many other things in life, once you move yourself away from the politics that many don't really care about, and you look at this distro that took over one year to put together, you see that they really did things right in many, many ways. I can honestly say that if I wasn't so upset about all the crap ongoing in France that I would be jumping for joy on this package. For the newbie who doesn't want to know about those things, welcome to Linux and a system that will work beyond all your expectations.
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Linux XP 2006 SR2 - From Russia with Love???
So the other day I was reading the Weekly review on distrowatch.com and was checking out a recent tidbit on Linux XP that seems to have caused quite a stir on their site. Seems that for the past 7 days, Linux XP has surpassed Ubuntu for number one on their list. To quote Ladislav "So why did so many of you click? Is it the catchy name or the attraction of a Linux system resembling a more familiar environment? Or maybe just plain curiosity? And if you downloaded and tried the new release, what do you think of it? Is Linux XP likely to remain on your computer? Have any of you paid the license fee? If so, why?" So I decide to download and see what I think of it. Personally, something this hyped has a lot to live up to, so let's see how they did.
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Elive 0.5 Revolution - Bringing Fun and Excitement to Linux
I always am looking for the latest and greatest new Linux distro out there, and typically do my hunting on distrowatch.com like most of you. Well, since there are over 500 distros in the database, it can be tough to decide which one to play with next. I typically try to go with the most popular, but Fedora and Mandriva just bother me. Then in feedback to my Dreamlinux review, one reader suggested that if I like Dream I would love Elive, a Belgium based distro. Let's head to South America and see what is happening, shall we?
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Dreamlinux Works 2.1 & XGL 2.0 - From Brazil with lots of love and eye candy -Updated
Sometimes you just got to go against the grain. I mean, we all do it: we follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. Look at Windows penetration rates if you doubt me. Is Windows so vastly superior that it demands/warrants 99% penetration of all PC users' desktops?...While most Linux people seem to target Windows with its desktop ease and color, another branch seem to want their distro to mimic the more useable and graphically appealing Apple desktop, which is built on Unix and just plain sexy (can you call a distro sexy, well I just did).Most people look at XFce as the desktop truly intended to get the Apple users excited about Linux...Then I found a small review on a new package from Brazil called Dreamlinux. The pics included told me all I needed to know: XGL. A quick download of both the Works and XGL versions and I was quickly in business. Let's head to South America and see what is happening, shall we?
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SLED 10.0 with XGL - Nearly Nirvana
So when SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop) was announced this summer, no real bells and whistles went off in my head. I was actually busy trying to help the Freespire community as much as I could and really didn't want to bother with a commercial beast. Well, someone hinted to me that if I tried SLED, my XGL dreams would come true....that was it. I spent the time and effort to download the DVD iso image and set off to see whether this dream was actually a reality. So I set off to discover Nirvana, with doubt in my head and frustration over a distro that in my opinion lost its way and now is finally coming to the light. What happened is that I did get what I was after and honestly am humbled by my experience. So now that you are probably bored to tears, let see what this beast has under this DVD hood.
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Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and Automatix - Making Linux Work
Ubuntu is an enigma. How can an upstart Linux project go directly to the top in little over 2 years? In a recent survey (that we linked to on our site here as well) on Desktop Linux News, they found that nearly 30% of reposndants showed they were on board with this... The name itself is an Zulu word for "humanity towards others"... So what really makes this distro stand out from other community projects like openSuse, Freespire, & Debian?
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Simply Mepis 6.0 - Simply a solid option for a Linux Distro that works
SimplyMepis 6.0 has been around for a bit now, but in my effort to review the most popular and easiest distros marketed today, there simply is no way to skip over this product. Mepis itself is not too new, having been around in one form or another for a couple of years. Recently, Warren Woodford moved his product to be based on Ubuntu which is a really strong distro and extremely popular. Warren's story is similar to that of many people who create their own distros; he just wanted one that worked the way he wanted it too. I myself gave the distro a run in its beta stages and was very impressed with the extras that Mepis added to an already great package. For clarity sake, it would technically be closer to Kubuntu, but that is neither here nor there as switching from Ubuntu to K is as simple as one right click and apply. Having already been there once, my goal was to check out what it would be like to run the install as a newbie and focus on getting my eMachines up and running, rather on checking on the performance which has been well documented for Mepis and Ubuntu alike. Lets check it out, shall we???
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PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior and MiniMe - Two reviews for the price of one
So a couple of people have told me so far in my first week of this, that the one distro I need to take a look at is PCLinuxOS. I can say that I tried this distro once on referral and loaded the Live disk which is its trade mark, saw that it was basically a repackaged Mandrake distro and stopped. This is a personal issue I have, with anything resembling Mandrake. A bit of history between myself and their customer dis-service has put me against them almost as much as I hate MS. Why? Well to be fair it has to do with how I see them running their business. They offer these memberships where you pay a boat load for say a Silver level so you can have better access, then they change and offer everything to the world so there really is no benefit of being a member. If you sign up for a year, you are their pawn for that year. My fault for not paying the over $100 up front, but I like their product then as it was a good 64 bit version and I wanted to support them. But that is my issue and it affected my opinion of PCLinuxOS, that was until this week when I loaded up MiniMe and Junior and saw that these guys really get things done where Mandrake has failed. I love Live CDs and that is first and foremost. Being able to try before I buy, which in our case is try before I wipe out some other distro on my PC in order to test something and be pained by its performance only then to re-install is sure silliness these days. Live installers should be the default and not the exception. Not only does PCLinuxOS have ...
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About my hardware - Some people have been asking
Thank you for the notes and comments on my site so far. A big shout out to Distrowatch.com who placed my review on their site. Without those guys, Linux would have even a tougher time getting the word out and I can honestly say that their site inspired me to start my own. So what do I load these distros on? Well basically I have two machines I use primarily:eMachines m6805 LaptopAMD 64 Bit 3000+ processor1 Gig of RAMATI Radeon Mobility 9600 graphicsBroadcom BCM43XX WirelessThe other, well basically it is VMWare ServerI don't give much RAM to that, only about 400 Meg and this is on a Windows XP installation. This machine allows me to take cleaner snapshots of screens but limits functionality testing. Hopefully I will get a desktop soon to do some testing there as well, but I recently moved so my boxes are lagging me. As always if there are any questions or comments for me, have no fear in what you say. I welcome all feedback positive and negative because I really want this site to be for everyone else and not just for me. I know what I think already, so I don't really need to read my thoughts. It does help writing them out and hopefully they make sense for you. CheersKnoLinuxGuy (Kevin)my favorite wallpaper for Linux ever..../images/35596-33125/Firefox_Wallpaper.JPG"> ...
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Freespire 1.0 - Free is in the name for a reason
The history of Freespire is like a movie plot, with nuances of a Phoenix rising from ashes, Rocky, Mission Impossible and a bit of Ground Hog day all wrapped up in a single OS. Born as OS to directly rival Windows, the original name of Lindows sparked some concerns in Redmond and many lawsuits later a new name was born: Linspire. Now many in the Linux community did not like the approach taken by Michael Robertson and gang, likening the distribution to a bad copy of Windows and a poor Linux distribution to boot. I for one gave them a shot just for the fact that they stood toe to toe with the giant in the northwest and won (MS may dispute this, but if you just have to change a name after all the publicity created, hell sign me up). So earlier this year Kevin Carmony announced to much fanfare that the Linspire company was starting an OpenSource project call Freespire. The news took some by suprise, while some on the inside of Linspire figured it was inevitible. With Ubuntu gaining so much ground in the community and openSuse drawing more attention to Novell, something had to happen. Freespire would be coming soon. After a few decent Beta copies, on August 9th, the first version appeared. I had tested many of the Alpha and Beta releases, so the final production version was just icing on the cake. I am very pleased with the overall performance and look of Freespire, so lets get too it, shall we???
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Xandros 4.0 Review - How to do a entry level distro almost right
I can honestly say that Xandros has one of the cleanest and easiest installations on the planet. Nothing in the installation is above any user who has done anything close to an installation of any piece of basic software. I commend the Xandros team on creating a distro that can truly get off the ground running in limited time and no excess gray matter usage. Thank you, thank you and thank you for that. A Clean distro for the newbie with enough oomph to make the Linux enthusiast happy, if it just didn't cost so damn much.
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A new beginning
Hello to all who may have stumbled onto this site. Well, as a frustrated Linux enthusiast who hates the searching and searching to find out what distro I should be using, testing and testing hours on end (which does not bode too well with my wife) I thought I might offer some help with taking my knowledge of Linux to the masses. I am not out to rule the world, offer incite not found on other sites, but rather a simpler way to communicate what each of the masses of distributions of Linux in the world down to a more usable format. This is only my attempt at bringing what I think is a great way of ensuring you are in control of your computer rather than it, or other people, ruling your PC world.
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