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This entry was posted on 12/20/2006 2:23 PM and is filed under General Info.

Hello everyone, this is my first post for Knolinux. I have recently interviewed Cvill 64 from Sabayon Linux. I posted the article before but it didn't reach a broad public. I think it's a shame to let it go to waste so if you haven't read it you can get a second chance here .

The Interview

Chris: Ciao, cheers, hello, hallo, oi, hola, and bonjour . First I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Villareal and my nick is cvill64 on the forums, irc, jabber, and just about anything computer related, so if you see me, please feel free to say hello!

Knolinux: Hello Chris, Why did you start working on a new Linux distro?

Chris: Let’s see, my gnu/linux experience started about 6 years ago when I started out with the major binary distributions. Since then, I got agitated by the fact that I didn’t have as much control over the system as I wanted. Then I came to gentoo after trying out some other source distros due to the tools that were available to me. As such, I was doing some searching and found a distro called RR4/RR64 which looked extremely promising. So on Dec. of ‘05 I joined the forums and started making post. Soon, I got used to helping others and really enjoyed the RR experience and had the pleasure to speak with the Lead on occasion. 6 monthes of hard work, I threw the idea to Fabio (lxnay) to become his co-lead and I really liked the fact of helping people come to an excellent distro. Its all about the community effort, and I wanted to help.
Currently I am helping maintain the main chroot environment, our custom overlay, and just managing bugs and interacting with the users through irc, the forums, and jabber.

Knolinux: Why the Gentoo base over Debian and others?

Chris: As I did not start the RR series, Fabio has the final say on that. But as I like to think, SabayonLinux is so good as it stands on the shoulder of giants. The gentoo devs are great and have made an extremely stable and easy system to follow to create customized ebuilds, coding, and distro development using the catalyst tools. As such, we want to give users an easy way to install a gentoo system from a binary livecd/dvd that is preconfigured and then they have a pure gentoo system on install. And nothing could be done without the wonderful program developers, keep up the good work!

Knolinux: How many people are working on Sabayon now?

Chris: Right now there is basically just me and Fabio working on the main project portion. We have our beta testing team which helps us a lot in squashing the bugs and problems before the isos are released to the public. We have
a few people that are kind enough to send us patches and such and also the forum and irc helpers are part of the team. We have major plans on an organization chart in which we can more easily distinguish and have new and experienced developers, artist, wiki, and forum helpers come on aboard to help us out.

Knolinux: What do you think about the succes of Sabayon? It is at number 20 on Distrowatch right now.

Chris: It is a very exciting time! Once we got featured on DistroWatch, our user base and downloads have jumped in volume. When we reached within the top 100 and landed on the front page, that was all well, and we have been
slowly moving up from there. Currently 20? I think we can do better

Knolinux: How important are the user’s opinions to you? Do you adjust the distribution to their wishes?

Chris: The users opinions are very, very important to us. What we are trying to do is encourage users to become more active on the forums and irc where wecan more easily interact with them and here their needs. Mostly, we try to strive to be as hardware friendly as possible. However, the hardest part is finding, creating, and implementing sane solutions that will interact well with all. As for program request and such, we try to make good compromises with productivity versus some fun A lot of times, we’ll get request for programs that aren’t in portage, then we try to create good ebuilds and offer them through our overlay. Overall, our users are what makes use, and we strive to be as compatible as possible.

How important is it to use up to date packages for Sabayon?

Chris: It is extremely important to us to use up to date packages. Because the computer age is still exploding, fixes and new features are coming as quickly as possible. Occasionally, some of the features and fixes are found in betas or unstable software. In this case, we use our beta team and general testers to help us decide whether or not it is stable enough to include. With use being the first to have AIGLX at your finger tips on a downloadable cd, you know we like the latest and greatest! Again, this is another area where we strive for the best compatibility and have to make compromises.

Can you tell us more about the recent release: Sabayon Linux 3.2?

Chris: SabayonLinux 3.2 will be ready by November the 27th. We have implemented a lot of fixes and much better hardware detection schemes. We have the newest Nvidia and ATI drivers included, with the binaries created at
runtime. Therefore, we do not distribute the binaries of them and they are only created if the user chooses to run the CD/DVD with the binary drivers. As for resolutions, we have implemented DCC from knoppix to help smooth out all the errors in that area. The installer has been greatly improved, and we have implemented a lot of request and fixes that are
found on the forum, some new packages and more. One of the greatest achievements was getting rid of the 2GB squash limit so now we can offer greater support and more fun things to play with. As always, we keep the kernel up to date, latest Gnome and KDE with a brand new kicker that was ported over from Suse.

Stay tuned for 3.3, we are going to take our time on this one and focus on great new features that I’m sure the crowd will love, better upgrade procedures, more tools to help make upkeeping a gentoo system more simple for the beginner, and much much more!

This was my first contribution for Knolinux, please forgive any spelling errors or other mistakes . I hope I can continue writing here.

And don't forget the nice folks from Sabayon Linux: here


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    • 12/20/2006 9:56 PM Rdanays wrote:
      Thanks for the interview. Was interesting to read. :)
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    • 1/1/2007 7:10 PM Sergio wrote:
      Great great distro, there have been 3 linux distros that have impressed me, Knoppix, Damn Small Linux, and now Sabayon is included in that list :). Right now is installed on my main Desktop.
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